Welcome to the Ultimate Hulu Guide!

I am so excited to tell you all of the amazing things you can watch on my favorite streaming service, HULU!

Below are all of the shows that I watch and are currently available. There has to be something on this list that you haven’t seen.   You may be thinking, what does this have to do with branding or web design? You have no idea how many times I see the question “what show should I watch next” in Facebook Groups. This post is for those of you that are looking!   I am known by my group of friends as the one that watches way too much TV, so this post is really exciting for me. I also have a podcast (Let’s Talk Nashville) about a show (Nashville) that is on   HULU! You can learn more about the podcast here.

Comment below and let me know what you watch on HULU!

Check back for more shows to be added as I continue to watch new stuff on my favorite streaming service.

Currently on TV Hulu originals Completed Series

Food shows

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia The Mindy Project Glee Diners, Drive ins and Dives 30 for 30

(The OJ one is my fave!)

The Good Place 11.22.63 Desperate Housewives Kitchen Nightmares Too Funny to Fail
Brooklyn Nine-Nine I Love You, America Seinfeld Top Chef
Nashville Hotwives of Orlando Parks & Recreation
The Mick Hotwives of Las Vegas Home Improvement
The Goldberg’s Golden Girls
New Girl Californication
Broad City Workaholics
Will & Grace United States of Tara
Superstore Jersey Shore
Younger The OC
SNL Full House
The Mayor Arrested Development (original run, seasons 1-3)
Catfish Saved by the Bell
Scientology & the Aftermath Saved by the Bell, the College Years
Famous in Love Burning Love
Billy on the Street Resident Advisors
You’re the Worst Party Down
The Mayor The League
Ghosted Happy Endings

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