The idea of doing branding and social media for others came to me a few years ago with the rise of Facebook, but I did not decide to pursue this career full time until 2016. I have the training, the degree, the years of work experience, but I wanted something more than a corporate desk, and I wanted a life where I could work from anywhere I want, with the freedom to grow.

I have always loved working with people and helping others solve problems. I also consider myself a creative, so having a job that I get to help others AND be creative is a dream come true for me.

Another passion of mine is being able to learn. I love research and learning new things all of the time, and doing this job for others has given me the freedom to research all of the things I love, like iPhone apps and programs for my computer that I can use everyday to help my clients. I am a take-charge type person (personality type ESTJ) and enjoy working with others that need someone to take the reigns of their business and drive them to success.

I consider my clients my partners in business, and have a very hands-on approach to working and collaborating with them.

I can’t wait to help transform the look and voice of your business, but most importantly, I can’t wait to meet you and to work with you!

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